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Beck’s is Family Owned

Sharpe Ag Services is proud to be a Beck’s Seed Dealer to northeastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois.

Our commitment to our agricultural customers is what sets us apart. As a representative of Beck’s Hybrids, we honor their mission of providing the best in seed quality, performance, and service. We understand the needs and issues that concern our area farmers and we work closely with them as representatives of Beck’s to ensure those needs are met.

The CEO’s of other companies are focused on delivering profits to Wall Street. That means a lot of fast talk, suits, and shiny shoes. Beck’s is different. We continue to slip on the work boots, walk fields, and listen to farmers in order to ensure our customers receive the highest quality seed products possible.

We represent Beck’s Hybrids, the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States, serving farmers in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, southern Michigan, western Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and eastern Missouri. Beck’s understands what farmers need, because we’re farmers, too.

As the largest family-owned seed company, Beck’s has access to the best genetics and trait technologies from suppliers worldwide. In fact, Beck’s strives to provide all customers with the tools they need to succeed on their farm.

Experience the Difference

As an independent, family-owned seed company, Beck’s Hybrids is dedicated to providing farmers with complete access to the tools they need to be successful. Instead of purchasing from multiple seed companies, farmers can reduce their overall risk and increase profitability by accessing the best traits and genetics from Beck’s.


Farmers have different needs and preferences. That’s why Beck’s Hybrids accesses the best genetics and technologies from suppliers worldwide. With Beck’s, you get the genetic diversity and trait protection you need. This competitive advantage allows you to focus on solutions rather than spending time shopping with multiple seed companies.

replant-guarantee-logo_w220Regional Advantage

Beck’s cultivates deep relationships with most elite germplasm programs, giving us access to select the highest performing products available in the industry. By having the ability to choose the best genetics from all of these germplasm providers, we can deliver customers with the highest performing products.

Our intense multistage testing program allows us to select and develop products that deliver additional performance. Products that can out yield the competition in specific environments are identified with a regional advantage.

Beck’s accomplishes this regional advantage through its replicated testing program and its Choice Trials. The replicated testing program is used to identify products in an early stage with commercial potential. Then Beck’s utilizes its Choice Trials program, which is an on-farm testing program, to test pre-commercial products and identify specifically the best area of adaptation. With Beck’s research team intensively characterizing the products at these sites, the highest performing products can be identified and offered to Beck’s customers.

Seed Treatmentsescalate

Beck’s Escalate® yield enhancement system is a proprietary mix of yield enhancing products that come standard on all Beck’s seed. Offering insect protection, improved stands, seedling health and yield, this unique blend is sealed onto each seed using Beck’s exclusive polymer.

Escalate is included in the price of Beck’s seed and provides additional yield benefit compared to untreated seed.

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